Attending School

Whether you are looking to attend middle school, high school, college or graduate school, we have the right connections to get you to your desired level of education while also offering:


-Preparation for entrance exams/test (TOEFL/ACT/SAT)

-Preparing documents for schools

-Assist with approaching deadlines

-Negotiating best possible scholarships/financial aid options

Obtaining Visas/Documentations

To make this journey possible whether you aspire to study or play sports in the USA or Canada, we provide assistance for obtaining legal documentations such as:


-Student Visa (I-20 or F-1)

-Work Visa

-Green Card


-Drivers License

-Temporary Visiting Visa

-Legal Guardianship Document

Playing Sports

We provide a wide array of connection for any sport you aspire to play in the USA or Canada at any level. We make it our duty to get you the best possible chance to compete in your sport by offering:


-Stable and trustworthy connections

-Arrangement of tryouts 

-Personal fitness training plan

-Communication with coaches

-Housing options

Pursuing a Career/Job

If you aspire to work in the USA or Canada we provide you not only the assistance to obtain legal documentations but we also help you connect with the appropriate professionals in your desired career field



Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or holiday we have the appropriate knowledge of locations and contacts to help you plan a full vacation itinerary by providing you with:


-Cheap Flights

-Car Rentals



Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us via email, providing information regarding to which services you are interested in receiving, what your goals are and a contact number. We will then process your information and contact you for an interview discussing costs for the service packages and the most efficient way to make this journey possible for you.