Benefits :
   1.    On ice we will activate, prioritise, maximise our level of power skating, acceleration, explosive quick turns, mastering the value of outside edge, body posture, angles and movements of articulations.

   2.    We will practice skills to increase space and time in pressure situations.

   3.    We will work with the magic puck as well. (puck control, passing, shooting ,small area games ,puck protection, checking, angling, timing, fakes, deke’s, offensive and defensive concepts, full and cross ice famous games )

   3.    In our off ice trainings we will gain more power, strength, flexibility, quickness, agility.

   4.    We will have chance to feel the hospitality of Hungarian culture, peoples and test their amazing delicious food.

   5.    We will come together with all our different and unique spirits, knowledge, motivation, dedication, experience focusing all for the hardest work ,training and victory.

   6.    We will achieve  the highest level of positive energy, knowledge, work ethnic, respect, friendship, love around the world.

   7.    You will be not worry about losing ! Why? We don’t let anybody to work harder than what we do it !


Enjoy the Life  & Welcome to our Drago Scorpions Camp ! 



Three hours on ice / day
2 hours off ice /day (Football Field, Shooting Pad, Victory Gym, Stretching Area) 
Lunch included 
Wednesday afternoon Team Building & Fun Activity

ICE RINK: http://www.vjc.hu/?lang=en

Registration Deadline: April 19th


+44 7508 672016