Our Story
Every parent's dream is to see their child(ren) succeed by offering them a lifetime opportunity they never had as a child growing up. But every dream requires sacrifices, and sacrifices come with difficulties. Gheorghe Dragomir and his family faced these difficulties as he left his parents at the age of 12 to pursue a dream of playing sports and receiving a high quality education in the United States of America. Not being able to speak one word of English at first and without his family, alone in the big world was difficult not just for Gheorghe, but for his parents as well. This journey can come with financial difficulties and can be extremely time consuming. However, under the right management and some luck along the way Gheorghe was able to succeed and is still continuing his dream in the United States 10 years later, making his parents and peers around him proud. After having learned this journey the hard way, we want to offer a service to make this journey easier and less troubling for you or your child(ren). Gheorghe with the support of Gyorgy was able to achieve major accomplishments. Some of the major accomplishments include: the most skilled hockey player in the USA in 2007 by winning the Easton Skills competition at the prestigious National Championship Tournament, receiving a full scholarship to a preparatory boarding school and being the captain of the varsity soccer, hockey and tennis team his senior year, followed by another full scholarship to Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. Today we live in a world where who you know is more important in what you know. Therefore we want to offer a journey for you full of connections in the field of sports, schools and careers.
Our Team
Gyorgy Dragomir, Director


Gyorgy has many years of experience under his belt as a coach, master personal trainer, massage therapist, manager and a scout. He has trained and managed both his sons, Gheorghe and Istvan and many other players who are playing in highly competitive sport leagues today or are receiving an education at prestigious schools all around the world.




Gheorghe Dragomir, Operations Manager

Gheorghe Dragomir is the Operations Director as he has been through this journey at first hand under the management of his father Gyorgy Dragomir who is the Director whom without this dream journey would have never become a reality. Gheorghe has connections that are just as valuable as his father's and by working together they can offer a journey that would be nearly impossible without the proper connections and appropriate management.


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We are here to assist. Contact us via email, providing information regarding to which services you are interested in receiving, what your goals are and a contact number. We will then process your information and contact you for an interview discussing costs for the service packages and the most efficient way to make this journey possible for you.